Tuesday, July 19

Let's Chat! Or Not.

Simultaneous Cell Phone Conversations

Me (to brother who just called): Oh, hi! No, it's fine. We're just in the car running around in Franklin. Picking up a pie at that great bakery. The cherry is amazing! Then probably hitting this funny shoe store we found. They have those boots you like. Yes, those! Another reason you guys need to come down! And it's beautiful here today. 
Hubby (to brother who just called): Hey! Not much. Doing a little running around.  

Me: What are you guys up to? Aah, I've always wanted to go there!  Remember when we tried to get everyone together that time....  Oh, that wasn't there. It was that other place. Are you taking the kids? Oh gosh, don't forget the stroller-and what about the twins? Really? They make those? Anyway, you guys will have so much fun! 

Hubby: Whatcha up to? Fun. Great course.

Me: Oh my gosh! You should see the old car that just drove...  Hey, are we going to that car show this year when we come to Ohio? That was so fun the last time! Okay. Just check to see when it is. Oh! The car that just drove by was fabulous! It was an old VW van, but it was this great aqua color on the bottom! Did they come in that color originally? They did? And the chrome looked like new! I know! Hardly ever. You would have loved it.  

Hubby: Nice! We just passed an old VW van
Me: You probably need to get going. I'm sure we will. Have a great time today! Send some pics! And just call me about the car show. You, too! We'll talk later!

Hubby: Okay. Really? Sure. Later.

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