Tuesday, August 16

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Everyone: What a beautiful day!

Me: Finally we can have the windows open and let in some fresh air!

Neighbor A:  Might as well put the sealant on the driveway this morning.

Neighbor B:  Oh, dear. I think I left the dog outside. I hope he doesn't bark while I'm at work.

Neighbor C:  Let's burn something!

Neighbor D:  If I start pressure washing the deck by 7 AM  I can hopefully finish by dark. 

Neighbor E:  We're recording some music for a Toyota commercial over here in the driveway
                    today. 'No! The tubas go back by the fig tree!' Just wanted to let you know.*

Neighbor F: Good thing I borrowed that manure spreader from Cliff.
Neighbor G:  Honey, have you seen the chainsaw?

*Morses, we miss you! 

image/saturday evening post

Wednesday, August 3

Just Call Me Dr. Frankenstein

 Me: I just need to pick up some body wash and then we can check out.

Maximus:  Which one are you getting? 

Me: I don't know. Let's just smell some and decide. Oooh, this one is nice!

Maximus: It's also $9! Just get the Suave. It's $1.93.
Me: Ew. It won't smell good.  

Maximus: It smells fine. See? 

Me: Try this one! It smells like grapefruit-yum! 

Maximus:You won't be eating it! And it's $10! Just get the Suave.

Me: When did you become Ms. Frugal?

Maximus: I'm in college now, remember?

Me: Smell this one. Ginger and honeysuckle! Very nice. And only $7.

Maximus: Just get the Suave.

Me: Who are you?

Maximus: I'm the one who'll end up explaining to you why you don't get to live in Sunset Villas but have to reside at Uncle Budell's Senior Care and Mini Golf because you chose to squander your money on $9 body wash. 

Me: I've created a monster.

Maximus: Here's your Suave. Let's go check out! I might even have a coupon....

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