Friday, May 27

Minimus Discovers Vintage

Minimus: Do you really think we'll find a coffee table for my apartment at this antique mall?

Me: I love this place! See? It's in an old train depot and has everything--antiques, vintage, fun junk. I bet you'll find something.

Maximus: I brought my list!

Me: Honey, it's not all about you today. I know that seems strange. 

Maximus: But I brought my list!

Me: You knew we were shopping for things for Minimus's apartment when you agreed to come along.

Maximus: But I still brought my list!

Hubby: I hope everything isn't expensive in here. We're not spending a fortune on a coffee table.

Me: Let's just go in...

Minimus: Hey, it's pretty cool in here.

Maximus: I'm going to look for some things on my list!

Hubby: Geez, some of this stuff is expensive.

Me: We've gone a total of 17 feet. Minimus, just go look around and see if you find something. 

                                              10 minutes later...

Maximus: (laughing) What are you doing in there?

Me: Where are you guys? What's so funny?

Maximus: Come here and look at Minimus!

Me: Wha..? Honey, what are you doing in a vintage clothing booth?

Minimus: Check out this shirt! It's vintage? I thought it was like Goodwill or something. It's cool!

Maximus: Bahahaha! It's terrible!

Minimus: It's cool. And it's vintage.

Me: It is kind of bad. Unless a 1974 middle management vibe is what you're going for.

Minimus: What? I like it. It's cool. And it's vintage. Oh wait, this blue one's better!  Hey, check it out! A plaid sport coat with rhinestones on the shoulders! 

Maximus: I have to get a picture of this. Go stand next to that mannequin head with the beret.

Hubby: What are you guys...   Why are you wearing that?!  I thought you needed a coffee table.

Minimus: This stuff is cool! And it's vintage. I'm going to get this shirt.

Hubby: It looks like a lot of the shirts you already have.

Minimus: But it's vintage.

Me: Let's just go look for a coffee table.

Minimus: Oh, I found one when we first came in. It's cool. And it's vintage.



  1. Too funny! I am trying to figure out which one is minimus and which is maximus though. I have my guess:)

  2. It is what we call LADY SHOPPING - you may not come out with what you originally went in for- but what the heck it made you happy. Men do not understand this concept.

  3. Becky- And you would be correct!

    Susan T- "Lady shopping"-the perfect term, although in this case it was my son. We just won't tell him what it's called!

  4. I want a plaid sport coat with rhinestones on the shoulders.

  5. And you thought you would never fill that particular niche in your wardrobe...


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