Monday, November 13

Happy Thanksgiving to All Kinds*

Ahh, Thanksgiving. The time when Hubby gets to spend a week among his own kind. And our kinds could not be more different.
Hubby:  Mom, where are the scissors?

Mom: Scissors? Oh, I don't know, Dear. Just use something else.

Hubby: You can't just sub-in any old utensil for scissors, Mom. Their functionality is pretty specific.

Mom: Just get something out of the knife drawer.

Hubby: Mom! Someone could lose a limb in there. I'll go buy you some new scissors. Where are your keys?

Mom: Keys? Oh, I don't know, Dear. 

I, on the other hand, grew up in a home with the motto A Place For Everything and It Damn Well Better Be There.

Me: Mother, where are the scissors?

Mother: Do you need the kitchen ones, the office ones, the sewing ones, the everyday ones, or the ones in the garage? Or do you need the pinking shears or the shredding scissors?

Me: I just need to cut off this thread.

Mother: Then get the sewing scissors. They're in my sewing box in the closet in the office. Just open the top and they're in the second compartment on the left, next to that cute pincushion you made for me in Brownies.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, whatever your kind! 

*a Scribbles holiday repeat!



  1. Not sure which would be worse, to be honest :D I have a foot in both camps - kitchen, I'm with your hubby's Mum; workroom - don't put your fingers on that object if you can't put it back right there!

  2. Brilliant! I think I am more like your Mum ..... I hate to admit it, though.

  3. pinkshoesknits- oh, they're both dreadful in their own special way!

    Fran- Me, too. At least you hate to admit it. I think I'm like a Jehovah's Witness of Tidiness.

  4. Great, dear Scribbling-with-crayon!
    And so easy to find oneself in the picture :-) (me more like your mother, Husband more like your husbands parents. In southern Germany they lavishly turn a blind eye - we say: "Calling the number five even", in northern Germany we "Count the peas").

  5. Wonderful!
    I shall use this opportunity to confess that I am not unlike your mother, I'm Crayon! There is a proper place for everything, but some members of the family are very poor at returning things to said place. I, on the other hand, can generally be relied upon to know where things are now, not just where they should be...

  6. Britta- The "Fussy Club" membership just keeps growing. And I love hearing your "tidbits" about Germany!

    hausfrau- They say confession is good for the soul... And you get a double word score for keeping up with both "placements"! But, honestly, someone has to or we'd never find the Yahtzee dice or the hermit crab!


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