Tuesday, May 8

Oasis of Tidy: A Fairy Tale

Me:  Wendy* is coming over in the morning so could you and the dogs, um...

Hubby:  Vanish?

Me:  You know the house doesn't stay tidy for more than 3 minutes when you're all in it. 

Hubby:  Are you saying we're messy?

Me:  Yes, Hansel, that's what I'm saying. If only your debris trail was bread crumbs, then the dogs could clean up after you.

Hubby:  I'll tidy up before I go to work.

Me:  Thanks. I just want it to be nice. You know how Wendy's house is a lovely oasis of organization and charm.

Hubby:  I think our house is an oasis.

Me:  After a sand storm.

Hubby:  Or a fur storm!

Me:  Not funny.

Hubby:  Hey, our house is great.

Me:  You don't even see the mess. You could live in a yurt.

Hubby:  My feelings, and I know I speak for the pets as well, are wounded.

Me:  Just don't bleed on the carpet. Wendy's coming.

*Names have not been changed to give credit where credit is due.



  1. As Wendy seems to come not for the first time: maybe she thinks it snuggly and nice in your home? Maybe Wendy has no dog - or no children. Come to think of it: or no husband.
    We always see the results of 'Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf-cleaning' or "Invite guests-cleaning', (both methods I explain in my book)- and take them for 'lasting forever happy ends'.

    1. It's both futile and hilarious. Inevitably should the house actually be tidy the cat will use his litter box 5 minutes before guests arrive!

  2. You have the best conversations.

    1. It keeps us from taking after one another with garden spades.

  3. Sounds like our house, except for the pets.

  4. I don't think I could cope with Wendy.

    1. And we can't even have the satisfaction of being annoyed because she is as warm and lovely as her home! It's always easy to cope with a lemonade and a chat on her front porch. She's a good sport to let me tease her!

  5. Replies
    1. And you know we're not the only ones!


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