Wednesday, December 8

Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas

Christmas with the pets. Such a merry time. Not a creature is stirring because they're all at our house. 
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and the Christmas tree is wired to the wall. 
The presents are wrapped and placed under the tree, except for Raggedy Ann whose head, tragically, was found spread around the family room.
The Christmas cookies are baked and displayed on their tray and will be hung from the ceiling to avoid a repeat of the Dog Eats Entire Tray of Christmas Cookies Debacle of 2008.
The nutcrackers are lined up on the hearth in the hope that the dogs will eat them, but they will not. 
The enticing smells of cinnamon and citrus, evergreen and clove strategically fill the house, and anyone with a cat knows why. Welcome to our home! Just grab a mask from the snowman basket. Can I get you a glass of wine?
The stuffed reindeer family is placed high on a shelf. The smallest one, Little No Eyes, tells the story.
The holiday candles will be enjoyed at the neighbors because nothing spoils the festivities quicker than a cat knocking over your candles and your exquisitely lit home going up in a ball of flame.
And yet the gifts of bones, treats and fuzzy mice will all be there on Christmas morning, next to the stockings, because apparently Santa doesn't put pets on the naughty list. 



  1. lol. My perfectly strung gold beads lasted less than 24 hours before the kitty rearranged them. It's a never ending competition between the two of us. I arrange, she bats them into her desired place, and on and on ...

  2. And we just have to laugh, or we'd go mad!


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