Monday, January 3

A Note to January

Dearest January,
   Just a little note to tell you how thrilled I am that you've arrived. After the chaos that we call the holidays you are absolute calendar perfection! Thirty-one blissfully empty little squares to fill with soup making, time by the fireplace, even a little organizing. Sadly, some find you boring. You are not one of those pushy months that shoves events at us nonstop, but a quieter month that requires some effort. Many would argue that this effort is primarily spent on snow removal. Weather issues do tend to overshadow your more subtle charms, but charming you can be. So again, thrilled to have you back!


  1. I so agree. I wonder why. :) And this is very well phrased.

  2. As much as I look forward to the Christmas holiday season, January feels like Heaven. Like you said, it's the time when we can enjoy those quiet moments.


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