Thursday, January 20

The Road to Hell...

Good Intention 
My children will not look ridiculous in public.

The Result  
Me: No, you cannot wear that Batcape to go shopping.

Minimus: Yes, I can.

Me: No, it's just for around the house.
Minimus: But I might NEED it!

Me: Honey, it's made from a diaper. You have a diaper tied around your neck. Do you want to go out like that?

Minimus: Yes! And SHE'S wearing her stupid tutu!

Me:  No, she isn't. 

Maximus: Yes I am!

Me: No, you're not.  Go put on those cute shorts we picked out.

Maximus: They're YUCKY! Tutu tutu tutu tutu tutu tutu. And BOOTS!  Boots boots boots boots boots boots.

Me: Just go get in the car.     



  1. Many years ago I made a Robin Hood outfit for a friend's 3 year old. He wore it everywhere. When it was too small to be tolerated by his mother I was asked for a new one. Sadly it was not the same and he refused to wear it. I don't know what his mother did about this.
    I like your style!

  2. Exactly! That diaper Batcape was the ONLY one that would do. And my son about wore out our copy of the Disney Robin Hood movie! So glad you popped in!

  3. Don't worry about the diaper Batcape at the supermarket.

    Do worry when he jumps off the table on the patio and expects to be able to fly.

    Don't ask me how I know this because I have successfully avoided telling other responsible adults about this low point in my parenting experience.

  4. Hahaha!Your secret's safe with me. Oh, wait. It never happened to you...


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