Thursday, February 24

What's Cookin'?

Me: On Sunday we're having that pork tenderloin you like, with my homemade stuffing, so we'll both be happy.

Hubby: A pork roast?

Me: No, the pork tenderloin. The one you like.

Hubby: Oh. Okay. Is it like those sandwiches?

Me: No, not the sandwiches! The PORK TENDERLOIN. That long piece that's YOUR FAVORITE!

Hubby: Oh, that! I love that. Good! And you're making Stove Top? 

Me: No! Did I say Stove Top? I said I'm making my homemade stuffing and that's why we will both be happy. Because you like the pork tenderloin and I like my stuffing. You heard nothing I said did you?

Hubby: And when are we having this?

Me: June 12th.

Hubby: Sounds great.

Me: It's February.

Hubby: You usually don't plan so far ahead. 

Me: Not usually, no.

Hubby: Hey! Could we have it Sunday?



  1. I have a feeling he needs a lesson in spotting irony ...

  2. Perhaps sausages, with a side of irony? Seriously, I could not make this stuff up!

  3. It is good to know that all husbands can be relied upon to listen attentively...

  4. thanks for making me giggle

  5. Cute!

    Also, I want stuffing now :)

  6. Thanks! And it was pretty yummy. I need to remember to make that more often!


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