Friday, March 4

...robe Malfunction

Me: Before we watch TV just let me get my robe.

Hubby: The fuzzy blue one?

Me: Yes, why?

Hubby: Oh, nothing.

Me:  What? You know it's my favorite robe! And it's so warm!

Hubby: And it's also starting to look like Dan Ackroyd's Santa suit in Trading Places.

Me: It is not!

Hubby: I bet if you reach far enough into the pocket you can pull out some smoked trout.

Me: That is disgusting.

Hubby: As is that robe.

Me: Noooo! Maybe an extra wash in OxiClean and a fluff in the dryer?

Hubby: Maybe a good dousing with gasoline and a match?

Me: That would be cruel. It's been such a loyal companion...

Hubby: We'll get you a new companion. Wouldn't you like a new companion? 

Me: Well... I suppose. But where will you go?  



  1. You're hilarious. Love the smoked trout in the pockets possibilities.

  2. That poor, shabby thing! Most of my favorite old clothes are, obviously, not widely appreciated.

  3. Last week was pajama day at the school where I work. I had to go out and buy new ones because all of mine looked like that had been stone washed. With boulders.

  4. The sort of outfit that ones other half might lust after are rarely comfortable or warm in my experience. My dressing-gown pockets contain nought, but a handbag that came out of mothballs last week turned out to contain a tiny bouncy ball, a piece of Lego and a hideously stale (yes, I tried to eat it) Kitkat.

  5. Momo- Ahaha! That's when they're the best, when no longer fit for public consumption!

    hausfrau- Yes, pretty seldom equals comfy. Robes, handbags, coat pockets-the true treasure troves! Re the KitKat: My kind of girl!

  6. Thanks for popping over to projectforty...I bought myelf a new dressing gown especially for my week of solitude - it's sort of Cath-Kidston-esque but came from George at Asda. I can recommend it on many levels - warm but not too heavy, flowery and with roomy pockets. Type 'floral soft dressing gown asda' into your preferred search engine and it should appear. There are matching pyjamas too!

  7. A fabulous indulgence for Solitude Week! Thanks for the recommendation. Very true-they must be just right in so many aspects. I'll be looking them up!


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