Tuesday, April 18

Opposite Me*

Opposite Me... is tan.

Opposite Me... drives an open-top Jeep. It is outdoorsy green. And always open. In order to carry her bike. Or her board. 

Opposite Me... looks good wet. Out of the shower. Or at the pool. Or at the beach. Especially at the beach.

Opposite Me... is luminous in direct sunlight. (See: Tan and Beach)

Opposite Me... wears sunglasses only to look cute. And to hold back her maintenance-free wind hair. Not because the bright light makes her squint like a mole. 

Opposite Me... is spontaneous. Her license plate says LETSGO. It is on her outdoorsy green open-top Jeep.

Opposite Me... can pack for an entire weekend in a ZipLoc bag. And will be prepared for dancing, hiking, swimming, the Farmers Market, and cocktails. 

Opposite Me... has a tattoo. (see: Spontaneous)

Opposite Me...  laughs in the face of gravity. Without the aid of underwires or duct tape.

Opposite Me... loves to watch the sunrise. Without coffee. Or makeup.

Opposite Me... looks cute in hats. Any hats. But doesn't need them because she has wind hair. (see: Open-top Jeep and Sunglasses)

Opposite Me... entertains. On the spur of the moment. And enjoys it. 

Opposite Me... is lucky she isn't real. I'd have to choke her. 

*A Maximus favorite!



  1. Oh, I've always wanted to be a sunglasses girl! It just doesn't work with me. I just look like a middle-aged woman who wants to be a sunglasses girl.

  2. It's no good. You're going to have to stop looking out of your front window.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. Anyone we know in that picture?

  4. Melissa- Yep. This post drips "wannabe", doesn't it?

    Fran- She haunts me.

    Becky- No, but isn't it a fabulous pic? The link to the site where I found it is at the bottom of the post.

  5. And we could bury her tan little body in an open-top grave.

  6. Yea - one can be too perfect!!!

  7. Another cute post. Now, for sure, I'm hoping you're on twitter.


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