Sunday, February 11

The Language of Love

   Caught in another 'meaningful conversation' with your significant other? At a loss for words, or simply disinterested? The following Clip-Out Guide provides a variety of suitable phrases and responses guaranteed to bring an end to virtually any discussion. The use of these phrases may result in the start of yet another 'meaningful conversation' and for this the author assumes no liability. 
  Caution: Preceding a phrase with a term of endearment is often attempted but results may vary. Discretion is advised. 


  •     Were you talking?        
  •      Fine. Whatever.
  •      I’m busy. You do it.
  •     Are you wearing that?                                    
  •   My mom's is better.                                     
  •     I’m not listening.
  •   Wait. I'm about to care.
  •     Don’t bother me.
  •     Can we never eat this again?
  •     Look! Behind you!
  •   Aunt Edna had a shirt like that.
  •    Can you hear those scratching noises?
  •    Please stop talking.
  •    Court is adjourned.
  •   What's wrong with your hair?
  •   I’ll do it at half time.
  •   Do you smell smoke?


  1. Are you still here?
    That is usually a good one to terminate a conversation! Love yours - I'm jotting them down later!!

  2. Hubby thinks these are so funny, too. He had fun coming up with a few of his own. He'll love yours!

  3. I've found 'Why is your mouth moving?' quite a good one.

  4. All you need is that TV remote me thinks!


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