Monday, May 9

Raising the Towel Bar

Hubby (aka The Amazing Foldo): Is this a rag?

Me: No, I still use that towel. It's one of my favorites!

Hubby: It should be a rag. 

Me: But I like them when they get all broken in.

Hubby: Where does this blue towel go? 

Me: We got those blue towels as a wedding gift 20 years ago and you still don't know where they go?

Hubby: We got these blue towels as a wedding gift 20 years ago and you think the problem is that I still don't know where they go?

Me: What are you insinuating?

Hubby: What about these flowered ones? Rags.

Me: No! Those were Aunt Noni's. 

Hubby: You realize how old that makes these towels, don't you? No one knew who Elvis was when these were new. 

Me: You didn't put the dogwood pattern towels in the rags, did you? Mother and Dad got those when they were first married! I love those.

Hubby: You mean these sheer rectangles? These were towels? Why don't you use the new towels I bought? They're great!

Me: They're so fuzzy.

Hubby: Towels are supposed to be fuzzy! Clearly a concept  you are unacquainted with.

Me: Just let me fold the towels. You fold all those rags in that other basket.

Hubby: Rags?! Those are my gym clothes!



  1. I recognise this conversation! Are you sure we're not married?

  2. Hahaha! Hubby would probably tell you be thankful we're not!

  3. Ahh, validation. Thank you Clare!

  4. Haven't I heard this conversation before? The picture is perfect, worth the hunt. :) S.B.

  5. Now don't take this the wrong way, but I am not sure how I got to your blog. But I am staying - you make me laugh.

  6. To everyone who left a comment and it disappeared--
    Apparently during Blogger's recent "issues" some comments were deleted. Please do not think I removed your comments!

    Clare- So glad someone else loathes new towels, too!

    Smith-Binney- Yes, this conversation should sound very familiar!

  7. Susan T- So glad you literally "dropped in"! I've found some of my favorite blogs in really weird ways.

  8. I too like old. When I went to boarding school the family rallied around to find the necessary kit. This included an ancient faded tartan blanket provided by my great aunts and darned then dyed blue by my mother. Newly darned it is about to be transformed into a Guides camping blanket and repository for cloth badges which will hold it together for a few more years yet. Youngest is pleased (I think!)

  9. What a perfect new life for it! Love that story!


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