Wednesday, May 18

Why Shopping is Annoying-Reason #127

These jackets are so cute! Just what I've been looking for. Let's see... Extra Small, Extra Small, Small, Small, Small, Large, Large, Large, Extra Large, Extra Large.  Hmm. No Mediums. There has to be a Medium...   shk, shk, shk, dammit, shk, shk...

Hey! This one's cute, too.Probably need a Large. It looks tiny...  Extra Small, Extra Small, Medium, Medium, Medium, Extra Large, Extra Large. What?! shk, shk, shk... Oh, for...Where are the skirts?
Oh, these are perfect! Not too short, not too long. Love this one! shk, shk.. 00, 0, 0, 2, 2, 6, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12. Where are the 4's? WHY AREN'T THERE ANY 4'S?!
     Me: Excuse me. Do you have any more of these skirts? I'd like to try one in a 4.

     Clerk: Let me check in the back. 

There is no back. This is official Clerk Speak for Maybe If I'm Gone Long Enough She'll Go Away.

Look at these cute sandals! Do they have an 8? There's a 7, 7, 7 1/2, 8 1/2, 9, 9. No 8.  Obviously my evil twin had some time to kill yesterday. 

     Clerk: I'm sorry but we don't have any more of those skirts. Is there anything else I can help you with? 

     Me: Do you have these sandals in an 8?

     Clerk: Aren't they cute?! We just put those out yesterday. Are the 8's gone already? That's a really popular size. They come in Tawny Puce, too. We have plenty of sizes in Tawny Puce.

     Me: I bet you do. But no, thank you.

     Clerk: Did you see these cute summer cardigans? Really interesting colors and we have lots!

     Me: I do like the blue one. I'd probably need a Medium.

     Clerk: Let me get one out of the stack for you. Oh. We must be out of Mediums in Mediterranean Sky . But here's a Medium in Tawny Puce! Oooh, and Rusty Goldenrod! And don't you just love this Burnt Mandarin?

     Me: Ah. "Dead Vegetation" cardigans.

     Clerk: No, I don't think that's who designed them. But aren't the colors AWESOME?!  Are you sure you wouldn't be a Large?



  1. And they wonder why people shop on line!

  2. We obviously go to the same shop.

    Do you think there is a highly trained person there removing your sizes just as you walk through the door. Working in a shop can get a tad boring - it would liven things up for them no end.

  3. Martin- Honestly! I would prefer an actual shop, but they make it completely exasperating.

    Susan T- Finally, an explanation! And yes, next time you're shopping, just look for the blond size 4, medium, 8 shoe with the cranky face. That will be me.

  4. Fabulous post. I love the Tawny Puce idea. You are SO right.

  5. I only know my way around charity shops. Shops have than one of each thing? Wow.

  6. Me: Do you have these in size 8?
    Shop: Sorry, there's no demand for that size.
    Me (under my breath as I flounce out) There's me. I'm demanding size 8 you po-faced harridan.

  7. Coffee Lady- Yet so often I find JUST the right thing at the thrift shop! Doesn't that figure?

    InvisibleWoman- Too popular! Not popular enough! Maddening.

  8. Aren't shop assistants wonderful? I worked as a Saturday girl in a shop on Oxford Street when I was a student and rather suspect I was rubbish as I didn't like the 'oldie' clothes. I wanted to work downstairs at Top Shop...
    I've given you a Liebster Award over on mine though I'm afraid I don't know how to 'give' you the button. I think I cut and pasted it as a picture but I tried so many things before it worked I can't be sure!

  9. I shouldn't make such fun of shop assistants--since we've all been one at some point! You are so nice to "award" me! I've put it in my sidebar and it links back to your blog. Hope some new folks take a peek!

  10. I used to work in a shop as a Saturday girl too, and tried really hard to help the customers as it was always nice when they said 'you've been really helpful thank you' and went away happy with their purchase. However, there were so many RUDE customers also that I used to feel it was an effort some days to be polite and helpful. I know what you mean though - it's so annoying when they just can't be bothered and try to palm you off with tawny puce. Ew!

  11. I suppose we should direct our ire at the buyers--it must be so hard to muster enthusiasm for tawny puce!


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