Wednesday, August 3

Just Call Me Dr. Frankenstein

 Me: I just need to pick up some body wash and then we can check out.

Maximus:  Which one are you getting? 

Me: I don't know. Let's just smell some and decide. Oooh, this one is nice!

Maximus: It's also $9! Just get the Suave. It's $1.93.
Me: Ew. It won't smell good.  

Maximus: It smells fine. See? 

Me: Try this one! It smells like grapefruit-yum! 

Maximus:You won't be eating it! And it's $10! Just get the Suave.

Me: When did you become Ms. Frugal?

Maximus: I'm in college now, remember?

Me: Smell this one. Ginger and honeysuckle! Very nice. And only $7.

Maximus: Just get the Suave.

Me: Who are you?

Maximus: I'm the one who'll end up explaining to you why you don't get to live in Sunset Villas but have to reside at Uncle Budell's Senior Care and Mini Golf because you chose to squander your money on $9 body wash. 

Me: I've created a monster.

Maximus: Here's your Suave. Let's go check out! I might even have a coupon....



  1. A lesson for us all!

    I remember Camay, it is like invasion of the squirty things over here in GB, we used to have a whole range of soaps etc. Now it is DOVE wherever you look.

  2. The only solution is to shop alone. I learned this ages ago. It saves all kinds of trouble. (Though it doesn't admittedly tend to save money.)

  3. I would be so proud if I brought up a child like that.

  4. Susan T- It's fun to find these reminders of forgotten products! It's a squirty invasion here, too. I remember a liquid soap product in the early '80s that actually had a hook shaped into the bottle so you could hang it in the shower. Driving me crazy trying to remember who made it!

    Fran- They go from not wanting to be seen with you to wanting to go everywhere with you again! How does that happen??

    The Coffee Lady- Sounds like Littlest Latte is on the right track collecting coins for a goldfish!

  5. Camay was my mother's soap of choice: who knew we'd abandon bars for squirty things?
    Mine haven't yet understood buying the cheapest - though they're very good at spending my money instead of theirs!

  6. I love your blog.

    I love your posts, and your pictures.

    And I love coming here...

    Please, help me to remember to stop over?

    I get so busy, and that's not good, b/c it's lovely here...and just what I like.

  7. See? Busy is what happens when you're sucked into the "Bloggie Vortex"! For you it's a J.O.B. It's so difficult to keep up with all the blogs we like-and then I keep finding new ones! I'll give you a tap on the shoulder every now and then.


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