Tuesday, August 16

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Everyone: What a beautiful day!

Me: Finally we can have the windows open and let in some fresh air!

Neighbor A:  Might as well put the sealant on the driveway this morning.

Neighbor B:  Oh, dear. I think I left the dog outside. I hope he doesn't bark while I'm at work.

Neighbor C:  Let's burn something!

Neighbor D:  If I start pressure washing the deck by 7 AM  I can hopefully finish by dark. 

Neighbor E:  We're recording some music for a Toyota commercial over here in the driveway
                    today. 'No! The tubas go back by the fig tree!' Just wanted to let you know.*

Neighbor F: Good thing I borrowed that manure spreader from Cliff.
Neighbor G:  Honey, have you seen the chainsaw?

*Morses, we miss you! 

image/saturday evening post


  1. Hilarious! we have someone nearby who is learning to play the drums, he is doing it in a stone barn attached to the house, I am informed by a friend that they have had the barn soundproofed - WRONG!

  2. Who needs TV with entertainment like that?

  3. Oh, yes, the story of my life.

  4. Fran- Entertaining AND industrious. Maybe the next nice day we should just have a barn raising.

    Anonymous- I think it's a Law of the Universe.

  5. The neighbours have got a skip. I feel your pain.

  6. I learnt yesterday that noisy neighbours are considered much worse than mosey neighbours according to a recent survey...too true! am looking forward to the gentle hum of strummers and hedge trimmers this bank holiday weekend!

  7. perhaps that should read nosey! automatic spell checkers are another of my least favourite things.

  8. hausfrau- :)

    projectforty- Agree! And "mosey" neighbors can also be annoying-the ones who mosey over and won't go home! Goodness, I'm really not as cranky as I sound!


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