Friday, September 2

Model Behavior

A former supermodel lives nearby. At the height of her career 
she looked like this.

Currently she looks like this.

We see one another on our walks.

When she walks her baby she looks like this.

When I walk my dog I look like this.


  1. I'm very sorry for bursting out laughing when I got to the beautiful picture of you! I know you're funnier than her and we love you for it, what else matters?

  2. But she can't write like you, I bet!

  3. But she looks really tedious. I would talk to you.

  4. hausfrau- Exactly the reaction I'd hoped for! It makes ME laugh and I'm the one who put it there!

    Martin Lower- Thank you! She's also quite nice and very bright so is it unkind to hope she's not very good at SOMETHING?

    Coffee Lady- The irony of how dreadful I usually look on my morning walk with Wild Thing and the fact that I run into a supermodel is just too hilarious to me!

  5. That was very, very funny. I ought to take a lesson from you - my blog posts are too long. Yours are just as effective short.

  6. Fran- But there's a huge difference between "witty-and-creatively-written long" and "good-lord-what-a-slog long"! I do worry sometimes that I've been too brief and readers will just say "Um...huh?"

  7. They all look a bit 'Stepford Wife' to my untutored eye... apart from the last one.

  8. Hilarious! And to your followers--she looks nothing like her picture. :) She could pass for a model. And, no, I am not prejudiced.

  9. The Dotterel- Yes, it kind of does! Glad you dropped in!

    Anonymous- Not very. Thank you Mother! XO

  10. No, really.

    You know I"M dying to know who it is, right??

    Just a few hints..let me guess.

  11. Hm, what would be a good hint that wouldn't be too obvious? Blonde, beauty mark, sweet and kind, hosted and competed on two different reality competition shows. I have more hints but they're more obvious and I'm sure you enjoy a challenge!

    P.S. That at-the-movies post was a scream!

  12. alexandria- Thank you! So glad you popped in. Your blog is such a lovely and tranquil place to visit!


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