Tuesday, November 9

Parts (of Speech)

My body is being attacked by prepositions. Various parts are experiencing an insidious wanderlust. If something isn't heading down, it's squinching up. Others are sinking in or sprouting out, folding over or flapping under. I don't know where they think they're going. Much more of this and I'll look like a Picasso. I want my adjectives back!

Which adjectives do you miss? New ones you love?


  1. It's funny how certain words almost sound passe, like they have a life cycle. Sometimes I'll use a word or phrase in my writing that my daughters suggest I change, that it's "dated."

  2. It's fun to bring some words out for an "airing" once in awhile, though, isn't it? Teaching college students is a constant reminder of the life cycle of words!

  3. I miss "tan" and "smooth", and I was going to say "unencumbered" but I really love all my "encumbers"! I also don't miss "self absorbed" but "impatient" keeps hanging around.


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