Monday, November 29

I Married a Christmas Elf (Chapter 2)

Hubby: So you'll be able to write a Christmas letter this year?

 (Oh NO! The annual Christmas letter argument! Quick! Use Hubby's "Feign Deafness" ploy.)

Me: Um...   What?

Hubby:  I said I thought since you have time to blog now that you'd have time to write a Christmas letter this year.

Me: Um...  What? 

Hubby: Stop feigning deafness. You always say you're too busy but since you're writing more anyway...  And you know people really liked the last one.

Me: That was 1993. 

Hubby: See how much you'll have to write about?!

Me: It's a Christmas letter, not a miniseries. And the kids don't do cute things to write about anymore. Now they call in the middle of the night because their dog got sick on the carpet and they want to know how to clean it up. 'Happy Holidays from Our Gross House to Yours'? 

Hubby: Funny. 

Me: Oh! How about a Christmas 'insert'?

Hubby: I am not sending a little scrap of paper with Hi! The kids are in college, we're loving the peace and quiet, we eat on TV trays, drink lots of nice wine and pay entirely too much attention to the dog. Merry Christmas!

Me: We'll use scraps with a festive holiday print!

Hubby: You just don't want to write one. I send all the cards. The least you could do is write something to put in them. 

Me: Um...  What?


  1. Hm, maybe just put your blog address in the cards, and send the folks here for your life update? Tis the season :)

  2. I knew I adored you I just didn't know how hilariously funny you were. I would love to be a little purple creature ({like your travel buddy) hiding in the corner, just to hear the banter between you and Ron.

  3. I'm so glad you popped in! I said being married to him provides me with blog material for years!


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