Wednesday, November 10

That's Just Super

Me: Hey, Honey. Let's get together with the Friendskys this weekend. That would be super fun!

Hubby: You have to stop saying 'super'.

Me: Wha..? I don't say..

Hubby:  Yes. You do.

 Me: No, I don't. You're just being super critical.

Hubby: Um...?

Me: Oh. Well, when something is 'extra' it's a better word! There is a reason Clark Kent didn't turn into 'Extraman'.

Hubby: Don't bring superheroes into this. I'm just saying. 

Me: Geez. It must be super annoying to you.

Hubby: It is.

Me:You still didn't answer me about this weekend. I think it would be super fun! Honey?


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