Saturday, December 4

I Married a Christmas Elf (Chapter 3)

Here we go. I'm going to get the Christmas tubs out of the attic now! Time to tear the house to pieces and fill it with lots of red and green stuff. But I promise I'll only bring a few things down at a time! Lots and lots of red and green stuff. I went ahead and brought all the kitchen stuff down! And paper. And boxes and ribbon. I know you're still using your office so I'll just put some of the wrapping things in mine! And holly and reindeer and snowmen and lights. It won't all fit in mine. Can I just put some of it in yours? And jing jinglers, flu floopers, who wompers, blum bloopers. How about if I put all of the nutcrackers and golfing Santas together? What do you mean 'less obnoxious'?  Trum tupers, tar tinkers, slu slumkers, gar ginkers. Do you remember where we display the yule log candleholder Minimus made in Cub Scouts? Yes, we do. I am aware he's in college now. No, termites like damp wood. Our home is now Whoville. I need to be medicated. Just don't forget to put out my singing hamster!


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