Friday, December 17

What Teachers Wish They Could Say (the series)

This semester has truly been the longest of my life. 

 You clearly didn't read the directions.  Yes, they're provided for each assignment. In your packet. The first day of class. There it is, that large stack of papers. It certainly wasn't that crumpled when I handed it out. 

Well, we've explored all the traditional learning styles and none seem to be working for you. No, Twitter is not yet considered a learning style. 

Yes, I'll still accept that assignment but you'll only receive partial credit. Because it was due in October. No, 'harsh' would be if I suggested that you live in a completely different space/time continuum than the rest of us and gave you a zero. Please say 'Hello' to Doc and Marty.

I'm sure there's a career where disorganization, an aversion to listening and the inability to proofread are prized skills.


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