Thursday, April 14

That's Questionable

Certain questions are only asked during particular phases of life

You left the baby at the petting zoo? 
A minivan?
 He needs a complete model of the solar system by when?
 You forgot you have a curfew?
Is that a real major? 
You're inviting how many guests to the wedding? 
A Porsche? 
A mother-in-law suite?
You left the grandbaby at the petting zoo?
An RV? 
 Will you look at all this grey? 
Bingo was last night?   

However, one question remains timeless:

Are you shitting me?


  1. I LOVE this post.

    And, yes, I love to say AND hear, "you're shitting me...!!"

  2. You are so cute...are you on twitter??? I can't find you.

    If you are, find me, if NOT: PLEASE do it.

    You'll love it, it's fun, and takes one second to get on.


  3. Bahaha! So do I! I probably should have dedicated this post to my dad.

    Thanks! But not on Twitter. Might give it a go when classes are out for the summer-not as busy. And since you asked so nicely...

  4. The dedication would have been appropriate; he LOL.


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