Thursday, March 31

The Road to Hell...

Good Intention: My children will not wear those tacky clothes with cartoon characters on them.

Result: But this new outfit will look so cute on you! And it has a matching headband! No, not the Little Mermaid dress again. Because you've already worn it three days in a row and you smell like I keep you in a box in the attic. I know the new dress doesn't have a picture. No, that doesn't make it yucky. Where is what? The Beauty and the Beast dress is in the clothes hamper. Yes, still. Come back here!  Get out of the dirty clothes! If you wear the new outfit I'll let you wear your Cinderella shoes. Yes, with those sparkle socks. Wait. I thought all your sparkle socks were in the hamper...?



  1. Nothing is lovelier than a torn and stained Snow White. I think it says that in the story.

  2. 'You smell like I keep you in a box in the attic'! Classic line.

  3. oh, all i ever wanted when i was a little girl was a pair of black patent ballet flats. never happened. given my rough and tumble life, my mother was wise: they would have been incredibly impractical. but still... those little girl hearts want what they want...

  4. Oooh, patent leather! We all loved that, didn't we? I wasn't allowed to have white pants, so of course that's all I wanted. I'm sure even now my mother gasps when she sees me in white jeans!

  5. Love the pictures here. Such a cute, fun, different, charming blog. I like it a lot.

  6. Seriously, thanks. High praise because your blog is so much fun-and I absolutely love Baby E's posting!


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