Wednesday, March 9

Teaching is... Surprising

Me: The last round of speeches...yak, yak, yak...and some delivery issues we need to... blah, blah, blah... and everyone on the first day... yap, yap, yap...

(They aren't listening to a thing I'm saying. They all seem so distracted.)

Me: And for my next trick I will balance this chair on my head while I dance naked in a pile of flaming rags.

(Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What is with them today?)

Me: Okay, what is with all of you today?

Student R: Oh, we're sorry! We've been watching a spider go up and down from the ceiling. And as you move around, sometimes you're standing under it and sometimes you're not. 

Me: Fabulous. A spider is more interesting than I am today.

Student C: No problem. We can't see it anymore. 

Me: Good! Hopefully now....

Student J: Because it's in your hair. 



  1. Had that been me with a spider on my back, I WOULD be dancing naked.

  2. Laughed out loud! I did!
    (Can't bring myself to write LoL, it means Lots of Love in my lexicon so it wouldn't be what I meant!)

  3. Agreed! Using those current abbreviations feels a bit like wearing glittery eyeshadow and putting a Justin Bieber poster in my room.

  4. I would have been running out of the room before they even said it was in my hair, my dad too. I thought fear of spiders ran on that side of the family.

  5. It must! Notice the first comment? I'm really "bugged" by centipedes-eewww!

  6. And when I tipped my head forward toward the girl in front and said "Well, get it out" she almost fell out of her desk!


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